LAWS OF MALAYSIA (Penal Code-Act 574)

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Title: LAWS OF MALAYSIA (Penal Code -Act 574)

Author: The Commissioner of Law Revision Malaysia

This book is about Preliminary, General Explanations, Punishments, General Exceptions, Abetment, Criminal Conspiracy, Offences Against The State, Offences Relating To Terrorism, Offences Relating To The Armed Forces, Offences Against The Public Tranquillity, Offences By Or Relating To Public Servants, Contempts Of The Lawful Authority Of Public Servants, Offences Relating To coin And Government Stamps, Offences Relating To Weights And Measures, Offences Affecting The Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency And Morals, Offences Relating To Religion Offences Affecting The Human Body, Offences Against Property, Offences Relating To Documents And To Currency Notes And Bank Notes, Criminal Breach Of Contracts Of Service, Offences Relating To Marriage, Defamation, Criminal, Intimation, Insult And Annoyance And Attempts To Commit Offences.


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